Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Sisters Wedding

My oldest sister Amber got married to Patrick Brown in McCall Idaho on August 27th. From Ogden it is about a 7 hour drive. Once we got to McCall we shared a cabin with my parents, sister and brother. The cabin came with it's own beach access to Payette lake, which we took full advantage of. Logan loved to play in the sand and on the dock. Me and Adam would take turns swimming laps in front of the dock, when I would take my turn Logan could have cared less. The second that Adam would dive into the water were Logan could not see him he would melt down. He was very worried about his daddy, me on the other hand he didn't care so much about.
The ceremony took place on the shore of Payette lake, it was absolutely beautiful. During the ceremony you could hear the waves crashing in the background, the weather was perfect not to hot not to cold. Amber looked gorgeous, and even her doggie Ramey joined the wedding party in his bow tie. After the wedding the reception was at the Shore Lodge Resort, dinner was chicken and the best salmon I have ever tasted. After dinner we danced the night away in celebration of Amber and Patrick. Congratulations to the lovely couple, we love you both!

 Takin Pictures

 Girls that sweat and nice dresses do not mix, while outside we were either like this or had to stuff socks under our arms to avoid the dreaded sweat stains.

 I want to point out the shoes and the very rocky terrain. I did not fall once, hells to the yeah.

 Cutting the cake

 Amber made these out of sage, lights, and mason jars. The picture does not do them justice.

 Dancin away
 I hate this picture of me, but had to show off my sexy husband. Love his long hair.
 Off the deck of the reception 
 Payette Lake


Has the summer really come and gone?! The last couple of days I have noticed a little bit of color on the mountains and slightly cooler feeling in the air. Number one I have to say how excited for the fall I am, truly my absolute favorite time of the year. Number two I cannot believe how fast the summer flew by. I kept asking Adam when we were going to have any time to just relax, and I am still waiting. Well lets be honest here, I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.
Our summer was filled with swimming, camping, races, biking, more swimming, softball, bees games, baseball, and lets not forget about school. Both me and Adam took Physiology this summer, I have to say that this was by far the most time consuming class that I have taken yet. I cannot express the amount of happiness that I have now that it is over. 
It has seemed that over the past few months Logan has been making the transition from baby to little boy. He already has such a strong personality and we have already started clashing. He wants things done his way and I want things done my way. He feels like he should always win the battle and I always want to win the battle. You can see how this would make our relationship a very much love hate type. Which is why I feel that he is very much a daddy's boy, just like mom he needs the exact opposite of his personality to make a perfect match and that is 100% daddy.  It is amazing at how quick he has picked up things from me and Adam. His attitude is very much like mine, very stubborn, determined to get what he wants. Both me and Adam are not big on crowds, we do not like to be surround by people or have people in our space. One day while at the pool Logan was waiting in line to go down the slide, every time a little kid would get too close to him he would turn around and tell the child no. Then when the child would not leave Logan would run back over to me. He would pull at my hand and make me follow him and stand behind him in line so that no other children could get behind him. Is it really possible that this one and a half year old boy has already picked up on this from us? and if that is the case what other crazy things have we passed on to him that we do not know about yet?

Here is our quick recap from the summer...

Start of the summer

 Logan's very first hair cut
 He did so good
 Was only slightly scared
 Why don't little kids like this?
 So handsome
 Merry go round at the Zoo
 He may be a daddy's boy so I have to put him in this stuff before he can start telling me no.
 More swimming
 Camping Logan Canyon

 Pickin grandma's strawberries
 Bees Game

 Swimming again
 He loves the older ladies
 First 10K, at midnight and it really ended up being a 13K. The guy who put it on screwed up on the distance. Will never do another run put on by Joe Coles, idiot.
 Adam and his brother
 Startin him young
 Second 10K, went through Huntsville. This was much better, so pretty, got to run with the horses. 
 Gotta love the green water from Willard Bay
 More camping, Monte Cristo
Uncle Stevo
 Smashing bugs

 Bee's game with Paige

 Go Bees!!!

 Swimming... Like I said we did a lot of swimming.

 Weber County fair with Grandma Brown

 LOVED to pet the goats

 Cache County Fair, playing on the tractors.

 Grandma Shicky aka Grandma Kostoff
 Jax and Logan
First time on the fairs wheel
 Mantua, again with the green water